About Me


Who Am I

Born in the late Fifties to an Irish catholic father and an English protestant mother, my early life was one of conflict. My escape was into literature and music which fuelled my imagination. Living in the north of England, with the beauty of the Welsh mountains to the south and the English Lake District to the north, my world was one full of forests surrounded by water and open skies.

I am an artist and creator of abstract artwork using acrylic inks, located on the Central Coast of New South Wales. I have been an artist for many years. Prior to becoming a full time artist, I worked in marketing and graphic design, working with clients designing marketing campaigns. 

As an artist, I originally worked with acrylic paints and watercolours, before discovering acrylic inks, now my forte. My artworks have been displayed all over NSW and at the Royal Easter Show. I display regularly at art markets throughout the Central Coast.

I am also lucky enough to have sold my artwork all over the world.


What I Do

Creating artworks is what I do. Commissions are my personal favourites; to bring another's dreams to fruition is a joy. 

My artwork is created using acrylic inks on yupo paper. Suppliers of these inks include Sennelier, Daler Rowney and Liquitex. Yupo paper is sourced from Japan and provides an even, smooth surface for my inks to develop their unique finishes. 


Lets Get Creative

Let me show you how to create your own unique pieces of art. No experience is required. I provide classes for all levels, from beginner, through intermediate, to advanced levels. 

I start at the very beginning, showing how yupo paper and acrylic inks work together. You will learn how to apply the inks to the paper in a number of different methods, gradually building up the complexity of what you produce.

All artwork produced by you is yours and is available to take home. I can guarantee that after one lesson, you will create a piece of art you will want to have framed.


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